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Providing CISO’s with Best in Class Security and Disaster Recovery


  We provide the ecosystem for your enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery initiatives.

Every day hundreds of millions of people take photos, make videos and send texts. Across the globe businesses collect data on consumer preferences, purchases and trends. Governments regularly collect all sorts of data from census data to incident reports in police departments. This deluge of data keeps growing. The total amount of data in the world was 4.4 zettabytes in 2013. That is set to rise steeply to 44 zettabytes by 2020. To put that in perspective, one zettabyte is equivalent to 44 trillion gigabytes.

JetRev is a national provider of solutions serving the enterprise, mid-market and highly regulated markets.  We provide Gartner#1 endpoint backup, storage and security solutions to facilitate our customers data.


Infrascale Disaster Recovery.

Avoid downtime when disaster strikes, hardware fails, or ransomware infects your systems. Infrascale Disaster Recovery lets you instantly recover your data systems by spinning up virtual machine replicas either locally or in the cloud.

The Balancing Act – Productivity vs. Security.

As a national team of sysadmins, cloud engineers JetRev serves enterprises with an approach that strikes a balance by continuing to improve workforce productivity without sacrificing corporate security. We sort through the literally hundreds of mobile enterprise products available in the marketplace and then design, deploy and manage custom solutions for our clients.

JetRev leverages expert security best practices, best of breed solutions and fully managed 24/7 services to deliver a complete user data strategy that meets compliance requirements.

Backup, Share & Govern

Collect and protect data across all platforms on any device.



24/7 Service Desk

World-class support utilizing the ServiceNow platform.



Gain transparency from legal holds to case resolution.


On Premises & Cloud

Appliance onsite and/or cloud instance.