Rethink Backup

Best practices include a backup tool that invisibly and silently collects data from all devices, not just laptops and desktops. In addition, allows this data to be globally deduplicated, endpoint encryption + DLP, globally searched, shared and synced, while providing corporate governance over all data.

Our solution includes Gartner’s #1 rated software, unlimited private cloud storage and fully managed services.

The result is a platform that go’s well beyond the best backup engine and delivers unmatched ROI with 4 products in one unified platform.

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BACKUP & RESTORE – continuous backup and access to user data on any device or platform with advanced global deduplication results in:

• User friendly fast, lightweight invisible backups
• saving up to 90% on storage
• saving up to 90% on bandwidth consumption
• Guaranteed Restore technology
• Cross platform
• Phones, tablets and laptops


COMPLIANCE & eDISCOVERY centralized visibility and control necessary for enterprise governance requirements. Integrated data backup, access, restore, and sharing, we provides a uniUied platform to easily create policies, monitor activity, manage legal holds, and provide data access for eDiscovery, and, without impacting employee productivity.

• Federated search enables administrators to locate any Uile across all users and endpoints
• User activity streams reveal data usage and sharing patterns by providing a record of all data interactions
• Tamper-proof admin audit trails display all management activity such as adding users, allocating storage, and placing legal holds
• Federated access enables IT and legal teams to locate, view, and manage endpoint data without impacting custodians
• Built-in legal hold workflow facilitates the collection and preservation of relevant custodian data for legal teams
• Preservation occurs in-place, removing the need for intermediary storage, and without disrupting end user services
• Secure Uile system access enables ingestion into an eDiscovery platform directly from the inSync repository for further review by legal teams


JetRev collects all data continuously from all corporate devices on any platform. And, now even servers.  This provides a very unique global search of all corporate data and provides a private icloud type of service for all of your devices.

FILE SHARING –  intuitive and easy-to-use collaboration tool with the visibility, required by IT to manage internal and external sharing activities

• Quick access for users to all of their data from any device, whether or not that data has been synced
• One-click secure file transfer with password, expiry, download limits, and tracking
• Easy collaboration with peer-to-peer and external sharing including permissions control and AD-mapped sharing groups
• Detailed audit trails of usage and sharing activities provide complete IT visibility for compliance purposes
• Custom group policies allow IT to manage who, where, and how data can be accessed and shared
• External restrictions can be configured to ensure only trusted groups can share data with outside parties
• Legal holds can be placed on shared data for managing litigation and downstream eDiscovery needs

• Remote wipe, geo-location, and device encryption prevent data breach
• Secure mobile container maintains data separation in BYOD environments
• Configurable policies let IT control which apps can access data
• Initiate remote wipe manually or with a preconfigured, time-based auto-delete policy
• Selectively wipe only corporate data on BYOD devices, leaving personal data intact
• Wiping process meets NSA/CSS standards for data removal and disk sanitation


JetRev reduces time and resources required to install, deploy, and manage backups. Cross-Platform Backup & Restore supports backup, access, and restore across all platforms and devices, protecting corporate data on laptops, tablets, and smartphones – corporate or BYOD. We utilize a unique Global deduplication process, resulting in smaller, faster backups by eliminating data redundancy across all users.