Storing archive data has become increasingly critical.

JetRev’s Private Cloud Archiving Appliances delivers  a simple, low-­cost and accessible alternative to tape and reclaims primary storage.

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Since the classifications of data (business value, access frequency, retention requirements, etc) change over time, so should the data storage in order to maximize operational and cost efficiencies. Data archiving and classification solutions enable IT to identify which files are no longer active within the organization and no longer necessary to keep on expensive primary storage tiers.

The JetBox archiving appliance offers a highly economical answer to data storage questions by providing multiple tiers of capacity within a single data storage solution. Each data volume created on an array offers selectable attributes to meet specific cost and performance metrics for the data stored. Policies make it simple to manage both primary and archival storage.

70 to 80 percent of data residing on expensive storage systems is inactive, making it essential to balance long‐term retention of data with bottom‐line economics. Even though archive data can be stored off­‐site, online access is often essential, particularly when it comes to meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Realize a reduction in primary storage costs by storing archived data to a choice of cloud storage providers, with minimal on-­premise footprint. Jet delivers a solution that meets critical business objectives for both primary and nearline storage with secure, long–term data retention at an affordable cost.