Detect and respond to targeted cyber attacks.

Our endpoint security solution detects and prevents threats from today’s advanced attacks. Save time and money with fast detection, leading to fast resolution. Our product provides organizations with the ability to continuously monitor endpoints for advanced malware and indicators of compromise that routinely bypass signature-based and defense-in-depth security systems.

The Threat Landscape is Sophisticated

Antivirus software, firewalls, gateways, and other legacy solutions are failing to stop cyber attacks. Threat actors are after specific data and they know how to avoid detection. Companies have not always had the proper resources for necessary protection.

Benefits of Endpoint Security

Detect compromised endpoints.

 Block advanced malware and other cyber attacks from spreading beyond compromised endpoints
 Apply custom, community, and global threat intelligence to detect threats targeting your organization or industry

Prevent cyber attacks originating from the endpoint

 Validate incidents on endpoints without waiting for access or exposing administrative credentials to an attacker
 Interrupt attacks in progress by quarantining systems without hindering incident response efforts
 Stop attackers from moving to other systems in the network

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