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continuous backup and access to user data on any
device or platform with advanced global deduplication results in:


• User friendly fast, lightweight invisible backups
• Saving up to 90% on storage
• Saving up to 90% on bandwidth consumption

• Guaranteed Restore technology
• Cross platform
• Phones, tablets and laptops

Freedom to Grow with Unlimited Onsite Private Cloud.

Continuous Backup, Global Data Deduplication, Unified Search & Sharing/Sync applications have drastically different demands from standard server architecture. Buying off the shelf hardware often leads to poor performance and constant babysitting by understaffed IT creating a large TCO. JetRev engineers custom tune, configure, build, and manage appliances specifically to give you peak performance, and enterprise level reliability, all at a fraction of the cost.

Put your MDM solution on AutoPilot.

Our Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform protects corporate data without compromising the end user experience.

Our solution provides a layered security model combined with mobile application management, mobile content management, and mobile device management capabilities. We provide IT with a centralized way to enforce access control and authentication to apps and content on both corporate and user-owned devices.