Put your MDM solution on AutoPilot.

Our Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform protects corporate data without compromising the end user experience.  

Our solution provides a layered security model combined with mobile application management, mobile content management, and mobile device management capabilities. We provide IT with a centralized way to enforce access control and authentication to apps and content on both corporate and user-owned devices.

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Mobile Application Management 

 Our private enterprise app store makes available both in-house developed apps and third party business apps.

 We offer an end-to-end solution that provisions, delivers, secures, and retires mobile apps.

 Our solution provides both tight security and an intuitive end-user experience.

 It also containerizes corporate apps from personal apps for security, access, and control.

Mobile Content Management

 Your IT department can enable end-users to securely access and manage enterprise documents from a variety of content repositories, including Sharepoint, WebDav, and CIFS.

 Ensure that corporate email attachments are encrypted and can be viewed using authorized applications

 Data loss prevention (DLP) controls are set by IT to protect documents from unauthorized distribution.

 The secure content hub can selectively wipe documents when a user or device falls out of compliance and blocks clipboard actions for enterprise content.

Mobile Device Management

 Automatically provision enterprise settings such as Wi-Fi and VPN and provide end-users with secure access to corporate email.

 If a device should fall out of compliance, IT can define remediation actions that will either notify the user of policy violations or selectively wipe corporate information without touching any personal data.

 Enterprise web traffic is tunneled through our sentry for secure transport and access control.

 IT can limit user access to internal web resources users based on their group membership in the enterprise directory or other user and device characteristics.